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What's the latest on Data Science in Clean Technology?

How Big is the Clean Tech and Data Science Market?

This month we'll be talking about the market for Ecoinformatics or the intersection between Clean Tech and Data Science! To start with, let's look at some numbers for each sector independently. The clean technology market size has been variously estimated at between 2 and 6 trillion dollars over...


Introducing EcoInformatics Or Clean Tech Meets Big Data

What happens when you have two interdisciplinary fields that are changing what people think is possible? Fields that are expanding rapidly but on the surface seem completely unrelated? Where each field has more jobs and opportunities than people with the skills to fill them? What if you...


Clean Technology Meets Data Science 101: Part 2

The Harvard Business Review called the job of a Data Scientist “the sexiest job of the 21stcentury”. It’s a field that been booming in the last five years or so, with applications in multiple sectors – from finance to health to computer science to space and more recently to clean...


Clean Technology meets Data Science 101: Part 1

Clean Technology was created as a “catch – all” term for several different fields that study and solve problems impacting the Earth and humanity’s ability to live sustainably on the planet. The fields of study range from environmental engineering, where systems to solve pollution in the...



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