Free Virtual Event: How Useful is Data Science for the Water Sector? A practical approach to applying machine learning and data science

Occurs Thursday June 8th at 4.30 pm - 5.15 pm Pacific Time

Smart water is a $22 billion industry that has been growing exponentially over the last five years and is making an impact to the lives of billions of people by increasing access to safe water, minimizing operational costs and mitigating the impacts from floods and other water related disasters.

How is this done? How do you integrate statistics, water models, machine learning and smart sensor data effectively to build useful solutions?


Most data science and machine learning courses are built for problems in the tech industry. The water and wastewater industry is different - we need systems to be reliable and efficient, we need to be able to explain model results to different stakeholders, and the data and models that we work with are very different. Data in the water sector is often sparse, collected at many different scales, varies over space and time and has significant uncertainty associated with it. Water models like SWAT and MODFLOW have been built in older programming languages and need to be integrated with machine learning algorithms that are built in Python.

Data science and machine learning can help solve problems in water, but the algorithms need to be specific to the industry.

So, as a busy professional in the water industry how do you use the latest in tools and technologies in data science and machine learning effectively? How can you get up to speed quickly and do so in a way that fits your schedule?


Join us on Wednesday October 12th at 4 pm - 5 pm Pacific Time for a free virtual event where we'll talk about water, data science and machine learning and how our latest course can help you become a water data scientist in 10 weeks.


Go from "I've never coded, I hate statistics and I'm not sure how useful machine learning and AI are to my problems" to "I can now build machine learning models, I understand when and how to apply data science tools effectively, and I can successfully build and manage a team that can use these technologies in my industry".

Your Instructor

Gayathri Gopalakrishnan
Gayathri Gopalakrishnan

Gayathri is an award-winning scientist, engineer and entrepreneur who has been pioneering the integration of clean technology and data science since 2003. She worked in several organizations, including Facebook, Argonne National Laboratory, Silicon Valley startups and is the recipient of numerous national and international awards. As a scientist, her work has been recognized by the US National Academies of Science and Engineering for innovative environmental research and she was invited by the Obama White House to participate in the first conference on innovation in clean technology and big data. As an engineer and data scientist, she built the data infrastructure, including data pipelines, dashboards and algorithms, for several clean technology startups. She is currently the CEO of Ecoformatics, an education startup founded in 2018 to empower professionals with the skills to apply data science effectively in clean technology. She received her PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and her Bachelors in Civil Engineering from BITS, Pilani, India.

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